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River Jayden Art

"SOLD: The Balance of Rongo" - Limited Edition Signed Print

"SOLD: The Balance of Rongo" - Limited Edition Signed Print

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"The Balance of Rongo" is printed on 270gsm Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper. Limited edition, 20 prints sold and signed by River Jayden. All Prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

In Māori culture Rongo is the atua (god) of cultivation and peace, he is associated with Kūmara and the growth from seed.

This artwork talks about Rongo and his protection over the people to ensure peace, the colored motifs create unity and balance that is needed to ensure peace. Kowhaiwhai patterns are used to create relationship between agriculture and Māori Mātauranga (Māori knowledge).

This print is eye-catching and intense with color, it draws the audience in with neon motifs on black matrix.

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