The Honest Journey of Running a Clothing Company: Demanding but Rewarding

The Honest Journey of Running a Clothing Company: Demanding but Rewarding

Want to start a new clothing empire?

Culture Kings, YOU KNOW clothing and EFFN' all started from scratch and so can you! This isn't an easy business and its survival of the mentally fittest.

Ask any established brand owner, success didn't come over night!

Don’t let those Instagram influencers trick you into 25K months in your first month. Can it happen? Of course! I’m not going to gloss it over for you, it's hard work but incredibly rewarding.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the challenges and rewards of running a clothing company.

Battling yourself to be creative.

One of the most enticing aspects of running a clothing company is the opportunity to express your creativity. 

I’m a Māori artist, we have a beautiful art form and culture that I want to express to the world. My brand talks about Māori culture and our customers represent the brand with so much pride.

While I love creating and designing work, I find it almost impossible to turn that creative lightbulb on when I don’t feel creative.

I get paid to be creative and that's amazing, but in all seriousness, creativity is a hard thing to do day in and day out.

While some have said creating Māori clothing brand is too niche, I’ve proven that theory incorrect. Feel free to have a look at our clothing brand, you’ll see the beauty within Toi Māori (Māori Art).

Finding the right suppliers

Managing a clothing company involves a vast and intricate supply chain. Sourcing materials, finding reliable manufacturers, and ensuring quality control are all demanding tasks. Staying on top of production timelines, coordinating with suppliers, and managing inventory can become a logistical nightmare. Delays and mistakes in this process can lead to missed deadlines and dissatisfied customers.

If you don’t like admin, having a clothing brand is probably not for you. I can guarantee you that you’ll be drowning in admin at the start of your clothing brand journey. 


Rongo_W_Tee - River Jayden Art

Marketing and Branding

Creating a successful clothing brand involves more than just designing beautiful garments. You'll need to develop a strong brand identity, build an online presence, and engage in marketing efforts to reach your target audience. Competing in a crowded market requires creative marketing strategies and a significant investment of time and resources.

People want to know what you stand for and what you’re about, let them in. My clothing brand isn’t for everyone but it is for those who love Māori art and want to support the culture and the artist. I want people to claim it as theirs and I love bringing my customers on the journey with me.

Competitive ASF!

The clothing industry is highly competitive. It's essential to understand your competitors and carve out a unique niche to thrive. Pricing, quality, and branding all play a vital role in establishing a competitive edge. Staying ahead of the competition demands vigilance and adaptability.

There is also ego and competition within brands, be mindful of this. Remember people who are jealous of your success are only beneath you. People who are successful don’t have the time to try and discredit other clothing brands.

Customer Relations

You will make mistakes, own it. Customers would rather hear, “I’m sorry, we dropped the ball here. I’ll sort it out”. If you avoid this, it's incredibly damaging for your brand. 

Building and maintaining a loyal customer base is critical for long-term success. Handling customer inquiries, addressing complaints, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience is a demanding aspect of running a clothing company. Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of your business.


Running a clothing company is undeniably demanding, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. The challenges and pitfalls are part of the journey, and they are what ultimately make success in this industry so gratifyin

With passion, determination, and a keen eye for detail, you can navigate the complexities of the clothing business and see your vision come to life. It's a journey that tests your creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience, but for those who persevere, the satisfaction of seeing your designs out in the world and the smiles on your customers' faces make it all worthwhile.

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